DigiCollect Procurement

A cloud based procurement platform for managing tenders, bidding and proposals for your business. We help you determine the best possible bid and create value for your investments.


  • Create, modify and issue Tenders and Requests for Proposals
  • Store responses for each RFP and tender to ensure all bids are evaluated
  • Create evaluation criteria and automatically evaluate bidders based on responses
  • Save common tender and RFP formats for re-use during new tenders or RFPs
  • Cloud based, can be integrated to an ERP
  • Upload documents, photos etc and leverage the power of cloud
  • Configure procurements through bids and reverse bids
  • Algorithms to intelligently help you access bidders based on lead times,availability and company financials
  • Invite only interaction for vendors, i.e third-party contractors, service providers and systems integrators etc.

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