Energy Consulting Services

Our Consulting strength with global delivery capabilities focus on global energy markets, R&D Engineering and IT Services for Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure. With the best track record of delivering technology leadership and operation excellence for some of the world’s largest energy companies, DigiCollect is praised by trustworthy industry leaders such as Nasscom and others. Our core verticals include Energy - Power generation and distribution, Utilities and Infrastructure providers - specifically real-estate, construction and agriculture industries. We provide a range of services that support your full project development life cycle ranging from site selection, solar insolation studies, environmental and social impact assessments, geotechnical and topography surveys, load flow studies and development of bankable feasibility reports. Our SAAS based model for consulting provides safe and secure online access. Please send us your requirements to know how our world class one-click consulting services can help you meet your energy project needs.


Our bankable reports are modelled based on TMY data sets for a particular location. Daily, monthly or yearly actuals and averages of solar insolation are derived for a given location. We provide detailed site adaptability reports based on sunshine hours local weather conditions / stations and actual ground mounted sensors.


GIS based and Total Station based topography reports which assists the developer to understand the undulations of the land topography using contours, depth elevation maps, aspect ratio maps, cut and fill analysis and more.


Industry standard and bankable wind yield pre assessment reports. Use our pre-assessment tools to get an idea about wind potential, wind speed, wind directions and more at your proposed location. Our asset mapping solution can be used to visualize your wind plant in great detail.


Detailed ESIA reports for green field site assessment, constructional phase, operations phase, closures impacting the community, social and economic conditions, health and safety, environmental and ecological as well as stake holders.


Arial Imagery and Photos, Geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics with sub meter accuracy,3D Point Clouds, Triangle Models, Digital Surface Models (DSM), DigiCollect Cloud Storage for data, High Precision and Quick Turn Around Time


We can work with you to establish your wind resource potential using the latest technology right on the marketplace. The aim of this service is to design a wind farm that meets the requirements of Productivity.


We provide 1 TB Cloud storage per project for every increasing demand for data. Our DataRoom also has the ability to permission users to share your data.


We bring together a mature set of tools and platforms along with our consulting strength for providing best in the class GIS consulting services.


Mobile solutions for collecting data on cloud based solutions to visualize the collected data and track / monitor their health / progress.


We offer best in the class system integrator services for large scale / utility scale to micro grid solutions. Our data and GIS platforms can harness the power of the harvested data and offer intelligence and predictive analytics.


We offer detailed reports on soil investigation and help you understand the geotechnical information on the subsoil conditions required for undertaking any construction for your power plants and other infrastructure.


Electrical SLD's to help understand your electrical distribution system offering DC and AC wiring between panels, inverters, and LT/HT panels. AutoCAD drawings for PV array layouts to facilitate in understanding panel arrangements on roof / ground mounted PV arrays. 3D and 2D design with assembly drawings for solar mounting structures.

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