Project Management

20% of your project resources are used to assimilate information from various sources, digest them and prepare meaningful reports. DigiCollect Project Management helps you save time and money and already runs on the Cloud, Android and iOS devices.

The DigiCollect PM platform provide the best in class features for LIVE Project Management. Start measuring your projects with in-depth accuracy over many dimensions of time, cost, value and velocity. Define metrics for a project's overall performance and progress, or get notified in real-time of problems that require attention.

Wise project managers say, that at some point, project management starts transforming from strict science to an art form. We have already taken care of the science, it's up to you to drive the art of project management. See how we can help.

Start Analyzing your Projects

  • Plan your activities, dependencies, resources and milestones on a Gantt chart with WBS capabilities.
  • Assign weightages to all activities and sub-activities
  • Get automatic recommendations on dependencies, PERT, resources while planning
  • Create workflow to review/assess task done by managers
  • Define Key Metrics for your project and watch your execution LIVE

Start Measuring Your Projects

  • All your Key Metrics are measured in real-time as the project progresses.
  • All activities are published over to assigned users via cloud and mobile devices (iOS & Android)
  • Get real-time updates as each user starts updating his / her assigned activities
  • Metrics are broadly divided into cost and revenues, some of the metrics include Burn down Charts, Progress of activities, S-Curves, Earned Value, Labour Cost etc.

Start Taking Control of Your Projects

  • Get an element of predictability into your projects
  • Set thresholds for Burn downs, Standard deviations and get notified for activities requiring attention
  • Control your budget overruns, under runs, profitability and cost. Visualize each project in cost, revenue and budget
  • Leave your signature execution style behind for Audit trail and start repeating success on your projects

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