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DigiCollect is a portfolio company of ACO Investment Group. DigiCollect is a premier technology company established to develop frontier technologies in healthcare, energy and infrastructure, construction, telecom and finance segments. At DigiCollect, Our focus is to develop cutting edge technology solutions ranging from Big Data and Cloud Computing, Mobile and e-Commerce, SCADA and Monitoring, Scientific Visualization and use of artificial intelligence to build the next generation of Intelligent solutions for the energy, healthcare, construction, telecom, finance and ecommerce marketplaces.

Who are we?

We are a technology platform that provides intelligent, industrial solutions for companies within our focus sectors.

What do we provide?

We utilize process rationalization to implement a digital platform while delivering business intelligence and adding value.

When are we utilized?

We provide products and solutions for businesses at all phases of their growth cycle. From start-ups to mature businesses.

Why DigiCollect ?

We help our customers adapt to a digital landscape to increase revenues and efficiency while reducing costs.

Why DigiCollect ?

We bring innovation, invention, intelligence to our platforms

DigiCollect technologies and platforms are built on the foundational premise of improving operational excellence through digital transformation. We have helped clients in construction, manufacturing, supply chain, infrastructure development and financial services master the digital business by providing a truly agile enterprise solution that transformed how they approach information management, communication, performance measurements and employee utilization.

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DigiCollect Capabilities

DigiCollect was born of the conviction to be legendary and exploratory in developing industrial solutions across our focus areas. Our solutions are comprehensive, highly intelligent and are built for the Industrial Internet. Our aim is to enhance productivity, lower costs and decrease inefficiencies across our focus sectors.

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Our clients are our most treasured assets. We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity.

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