Smart Monitoring Platform

Our Performance monitoring platform augments your existing SCADA / Control System by integrating distributed systems on the cloud and allowing the power of data to then build insights and forecasts for your businesses.

Monitoring™ is the next generation data acquisition and monitoring platform for Solar, Wind, BioMass and similar energy and infrastructure set ups. It is designed to acquire data from existing systems or sensors and generate forecasts intelligently based on the sensory data acquired. Our system works by providing software drivers for key industrial components like Inverters etc from industry leading manufactures.

Key business cases are :
  • Energy consumption and production monitoring. Measuring energy consumption is one of the keys to understanding how consumption can be minimized so one can better exploit potential savings opportunities.
  • Pollution data. We help measure pollution data with standards and compliances for e.g. AQI's as per different country regulations.
  • Total asset management solution. We provide full asset lifecycle management solutions by providing turnkey energy consumption, offtakes, revenue generations, forecasts, workforce management, vendor management, ticketing, CRM solutions and a management reporting system to paint a high level overview of your industrial assets.

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