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We are leaders in construction monitoring technology and understand the construction monitoring industry and have a track record of working with large customers and helping them take control of their projects and execution.

Design & Build

Design Thinking

We provide creative strategies by conducting design thinking workshops to engage the customer and their stake holders to evolve ideation by innovation, mitigating risks early on by discovering hidden elements of ambiguities and potential faulty assumptions.

From Scratch


We provide a range of frontier technologies to tackle the problems of the construction industry from cloud, web applications and mobile applications designed to scale to your business. Our applications work in offline / online mode to help you continue to work in remote sites with challenging infrastructure.

Construction Management


Constuction Monitoring Technologies

We evaluate your processes, benchmark it against industry leaders, and let you know the gaps to be filled to position you to operate efficiently.

Know more about our unique methodology for assessment. Request an assessment today.

Our Key Technology For Construction:
  • Mobile Biometric Identity
  • Cloud application to configure your projects, materials, resources and machinery
  • Mobile application to track progress of projects
  • Fully configurable projects engine to track materials, human resource
  • WBS and Project Management
  • In-built Designer for creating process and workflows as per your project needs
  • Reporting engine to fully churn out insights from your project data
  • Analytics
  • Notifications (Email, App, SMS)
  • Artificial Intelligence
Our key Implementation Strengths
  • Full blown ERP Solution
  • Track Revenues and Cost
  • Track and Monitor Materials, Human Resource, Plant & Machinery
  • Helpdesk and Ticketing for incidents
  • Daily Progress Reports and Management Dashboard per Project
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Our Services

Construction Industry Capabilities and Expertise


At the heart of our solution methodology is innovation, We drive value to our customers through constant innovation in process, technology and engagement.


We help you track Revenues on a daily basis and monitor almost every activity of construction of your projects

Advanced Technology

Proprietary technology and infrastructure built from the ground-up to offer best in the class technology for your construction company.


We have models to engage your work force entirely into driving value to your business. We understand the dynamics of change management in an industry which is not very open to change


We have proven ROI's on our technology working with large customers. We drive results starting from day 1 of our engagements. We are agile and we advocate agile.


We understand your concerns on data and security of your data. We have end to end security of your data and processes on our infrastructure.

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