DigiCollect Helpdesk

Manage issues and connect with your vendors and suppliers for quick and easy assistance. Track SLA adherence and analyse root cause of issues using analytics.


  • Use Helpdesk to easily raise tickets against multiple vendors.
  • Intelligently categorise tickets as per organisation needs.
  • Understand at a glance the progress made across all tickets.
  • Customize views, metrics and individual details.
  • Realtime notifications to easily understand progress made.
  • Dashboard to see all your important tickets first.
  • Understand individual progress at a glance.
  • Stay ahead by easily aligning the next action based on the metrics provided.
  • View all important details in one place.
  • Customize the assignment flow as per your organisation needs.
  • Assign tickets easily with the intelligent ticket assignment system.
  • Track all changes and updates made to the ticket in real time.
  • Easily communicate the progress made.
  • Smart analytics to easily understand the progress across tickets.
  • Track progress made with each day.
  • Metrics to easily reach closure of tickets.
  • Easily understand and improve the throughput and efficiency.

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