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    Super Data Platform

    The Forms platform redefines the ways of
    enabling work flows and is geared for Industrial Automation Services.

DigiCollect Forms

Forms is the next generation data acquisition and aggregation platform. It is designed to intelligently plan your data acquisition through workflows. We enhance your productivity by providing you a seamless experience of your data with multi-dimensional insights.

DigiCollect Forms Dashboard

Integrated GIS Capabilities

Rich Geo-referencing and Geo-fencing for all your projects with multiple GIS data layers. Forms™ helps you derive another dimension of location intelligence and geo analytics from your data sets. Our algorithms help some of the biggest infrastructure companies take commercial decisions.

DigiCollect Forms

Mobile App Capabilities

Our app is geared for industrial scale work flows and data sets. No matter what your requirement is, We almost certainly support it with a type of data. Text, Numeric data, 3D and 2D imagery, location, audio, video, sensory data, soil, land, geography etc. using previously un-imaginable ways of collecting and capturing data.

DigiCollect Mobile Screens

And many other excellent features

3D Photospheres, 2d Photos, OCR Technology, Download Reports, APIs for automation and Machine Learning algorithms for automated reporting.

DigiCollect Forms

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